Dreaming of My Perfect Wardrobe Situation

So, there’s something I do on a regular basis that some people find strange, but I think it’s pretty damn normal. I often save photos as my iPhone wallpaper that inspire me-things that I want to look for in life. Once upon a time there was a girl with beautiful skin, and I saved her as my phone’s home screen to encourage me to give up sugar and dairy products to be just as flawless. I will tell you that it worked.

These days I’m storing pictures of things I want in life to encourage me to work harder. I mean, I’m working my ass off, but I can always work harder. But I won’t do it if I don’t remember the things I could have/own/accomplish just by putting in a little more effort.

My current wallpaper shows a dressing room. A stunning, singing and dancing wardrobe that belongs to an influencer and a blogger who works like crazy. She has worked incredibly hard over the years and fully deserves this dream wardrobe. So I find it encouraging and motivating to remind myself of this every time I look at my phone (which is pretty much most of the day).

So let’s talk about My ideal wardrobe situation. Because I don’t just want to have a big one to put myself in, I also dream of a traditional tailor-made wardrobe, adapted to my equipment, my size, my style and my color.

I prefer to have one that looks like this custom-made Mayfair dressing room, as seen on the iWardrobes website. Honestly, I discussed their custom designs. But if I had a smaller one, much more traditional, I would look at large elegant mirrored doors to enlarge the space and serve as a personal mirror.

I feel like the “state” of your wardrobe situation can say a lot about you as a person. And as a fashion blogger, I feel like I absolutely appreciate a designer wardrobe that comes with it. Everything is smooth and beautiful and made to my standards.

Because fashion plays a big role in my work, owning a beautiful wardrobe has been my end goal for so long. I could literally get carried away: spotlights, fresh white paint, dimming lights, rotating shoe racks, shelves for cosmetics … this is literally what I prefer to do to sit here, plan and dream.

I may not be able to get the designer wardrobe I want yet, but hey, I can keep dreaming and working towards my goals. But one thing I can accomplish now is to fill my current wardrobes with clothes that I really like. And I’ve had no problem doing a little fall/winter shopping lately and adding these naughty pieces below to my new collections.

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