Jewellery and Earring Brands You Need to Know

We can’t ignore the big conversation about Ethical Fashion. This is certainly not just a Moment – it is now spreading further than clothing, with ethical jewelry being the second most important.

But even though you may know where to find trendy pieces like sassy necklaces or earrings, do you know how they are made? Or even where do they come from? If you want to refine your knowledge a little about ethical accessories, keep reading….

Firstly, since the beginning of this year, I have started to become aware of my ethical jewelry. But my last love lies in the classic little earrings. AU / RATE is a brand that I have fallen in love with lately, especially when selecting small 14K solid gold earrings. But I’ll talk to you next…

What is ethical jewelry?

In short, ethical jewelry is jewelry that does not have a negative impact on the people who make it or on the environment in which it is made. There is a List of ways to explain this, so to speak, so I have listed them below:

Use materials that you can trace back to the source to ensure they are ethically made, such as fair trade materials and conflict-free diamonds

  • Use of recycled materials such as precious stones
  • Use of synthetic diamonds
  • Give up child labor and guarantee fair wages and working hours
  • Do not use practices that pollute or negatively affect the environment

I became very interested in ethical jewelry when I decided to exchange my old type of Accessories, which consisted of large statement pieces, for fine and delicate pieces. In my search for fine and delicate jewelry, I met many retailers, but those who stressed that they were ethical caught my attention. This gives me a better idea of how I shop, which is why one of the retailers I’m shouting about today is actually an ethical jewelry brand called AU/RATE.


AU/RATE believes that you don’t have to choose between high quality, fair prices and a good deed. So they focused on the essentials: sustainable materials, transparent prices, sustainable production and tangible donations. Give them one less concession that you have to make.

They firmly believe in buying the best they can afford, and the same goes for the materials they buy. They search for the purest 14 and 18 carat gold, source pearls from Japan and the South Seas and use only S1 purity diamonds. Some of his pieces are meaningful and bold, while others are more classic – the style I like to adopt when furnishing.


It is a beautiful VIERI jewelry brand handmade in Italy, where all the pieces use ethical and recycled gold. Guya Merkle, the creative director, is passionate about creating beautiful pieces that help make a difference, which is one of the reasons she founded the Earthbeat Foundation. The Earthbeat Foundation donates 10% of the total profits to create a better future for the gold mining communities.


The entire WALD collection is handmade by a collective of unemployed mothers or grandmothers, often from small villages where jobs are limited, especially for older women who have been mothers all their lives. Each woman is responsible for a model from the collection. The forestry team teaches you by Skype and by phone and you can earn a living at home.

WALD shares the following about his brand: “It’s really important for us to know where we spend our money. You can make such a difference if you think twice and change the world a little every day to improve yourself. They are the heroes of our society and deserve jobs and appreciation.’

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