New Activewear from Cysm

A big gap that I currently have in my wardrobe is that of sportswear-I find it really difficult to shop in this category. I mean, I love the women’s collections from Gyms hark and My Protein, but I really need to save up and make it a special purchase.

And for someone who goes to the gym about twice a week and plays with 3 kg dumbbells (and climbs on the treadmill a little), sometimes this is not justified. I wanted to get a little more out of my active wear. Ideally, items that flatter my body shape, items that I could wear for occasional weekend getaways and versatile pieces.

I recently met CYSM in November when I was looking for personalized and body-enhancing shapewear. You see, CYSM is not particularly known as a sportswear or fitness brand, but above all for its superb collection of sportswear.

Whether it’s high-end shapewear or seamless Shapewear, or the types that allow you to control your figure and create a more confident me, CYSM has them. Its ultimate goal is to celebrate the Silhouette, and its collections are all focused on Colombian sensuality.

They believe that if you choose your Shapewear correctly, you can create curves, trim centimeters and create the appearance of a figure with which you are comfortable. And with that comes confidence, so it’s no surprise that they are popular for their Shapewear ranges.

For me, I’m pretty happy with my figure, and although I would like to keep a bloated belly after eating bowls of pasta week after week, I don’t need Shapewear yet. But for my friends who are curvier and want to improve their curves but they sink a little at the Waist or rise to the chest, then this is what you should be looking for…

Fortunately, there are also CYSM sportswear for retail, which also double as control clothing and adapt to your body shape. Just look at the top and Leggings I’m wearing in these photos… You can find these Leggings online by searching for LEGGINGS with Ultra-compression and tummy control in gray jasper. Let me tell you that these are the most controlling and tight leggings I have ever worn. They look Small at first glance, but when I roll them on my legs, they work with the shape and size of my leg and shape them as I put them on. Perrrrr Perfect!

I can’t move or shift the slightest inch of fat when they are on, but they don’t feel too tight around my waist either. I mean, sure, it looks shiny, but no one wants this tight band to sink into the Waist. The Western top that I am wearing in the photos is really controlled and supportive around the chest, which is absolutely necessary when we train women! I love the colorful print on the back, but it is beautiful and classic in its black color on the front. My favorite sports top on the side is this dark gray blouse – this one would go well with a number of my Workout Leggings!

And finally, this jacket that I wear over and over again for so many occasions! Sunday walks, cleaning the house, going to the gym, jogging… it’s so versatile for me and my life.

This is the high-performance jacket with micro-Piercing in black (they make other beautiful colors, but you know how I am… I like to wear black!). It is a light and breathable jacket with a perforated fabric that allows your body to breathe while absorbing any perspiration that your body may create.

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