Ocean Jasper Jewellery Can Give Positive Energies

With beauty, I went the organic route in January after being very careful about what I put on and in my body since I got sick in December. When it comes to fashion, I try to only buy items that I can put on from top to bottom and wear day and night so that I can use them several times. For jewelry, lately I’ve really been inspired by jewelry that allows me to feel a little more happiness and give me some kind of meaning. To better explain this, one of the brands that does it for me is Ocean Jasper – a brand born from a deep love for precious stones.

Ocean Jasper wanted to create jewelry that connects people to their celestial stones so that everyone can experience a little more happiness. First of all, I have always been interested in precious stones and how they can lead to soothing feelings and anchor us through their energies. I am not an expert in this field, but it is one that fascinates me deeply, with precious stones with different vibrations. Fortunately, Ocean Jasper has a gemstone guide and an Astral Stone page to help you choose the stones that match your personal needs and your trip.

Oceanic jasper gemstones are divided into three types of energies. The first are soothing energies designed to help action anxiety, insomnia and clarity of mind. Of everything in life, these are the areas in which I struggle the most. My mind never runs out – some would say that I am a real worried child. I also have a hard time falling asleep because my mind is constantly overreacting and playing through everything. It seems that thanks to the oceanic jasper collections, the labradorite and Larimar gemstones are the stones that can contribute to this.

Labradorite is one of the most powerful healing stones of gray/navy sapphire Sapphire color; it shares Anti-Stress and anti-anxiety energies with the wearer, soothes hyperactive minds and brings clarity to thoughts. It is the perfect decoration for patients suffering from insomnia, discouragement, anxiety or people with a difficult professional life who find it difficult to switch off.

Larimar is associated with the water element which dominates our emotions. It comes in a lighter sapphire shade. It is generally considered an excellent worry stone that reduces Stress for those who need it constantly or in certain stressful situations.

The next energy is the life-giving energy for new creativity, problem solving and decision-making. One of the responsible gemstones is topaz, an invigorating stone. It is designed to stimulate new creativity and improve the wearer’s ability to learn and understand complex concepts. A great gift for anyone who wants to start a new job/university or improve their self-confidence.

In addition to topaz, amethyst is a powerful tool for solving problems. The stone not only allows the wearer to see different angles, but calms and cools emotions. This state of mental clarity allows access to practical solutions, whether at home or at work.

The one that I think will be very popular with many people are the love energies brought with moonstone and rose quartz to promote self-love and romance. Moonstone is a colorful crystal stone and acts as a diverse healing stone. Its enchanting energies nourish, ignite passion and envelop the wearer with a sensual shield.

Moonstone cleanses negative emotions that could hinder the fulfillment of these desires. The gemstone is associated with the inner goddess, symbol of fertility and sensuality; supporting new beginnings and restoring hormonal balance.

Rose quartz is a universal love stone and a great gift for all the beloved great ladies in your life. It helps to open the heart chakra and attract love of all kinds – family, friendly, romantic and self-love. It removes negative deposits in the heart chakra and allows the wearer to relive, accept and give love. Ideal for those who have had injuries and need to heal.

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