Ol and Co Pendant Necklaces at Mococo

Nothing is as special as beautiful sterling silver jewelry, so today I wanted to introduce you to a brand that I just discovered and fell in love with. I have already talked about my love for the Mococo jewelry store, which currently has an in-store presence and a large online presence. I came back with you to search for your selection of designer jewelry brands like ChloBo, Daisy London, Olivia Burton, Thomas Sabo and Oliva Burton – my favorite watch brand.

However, I recently discovered a beautiful brand at Mococo that is new to me, namely Ol & Co, so let’s take a look… First of all, ol & co is the collaboration of founder Ollie Hooson and his vast fashion-conscious women’s team. If you visit their range at Mococo or even on the brand’s Instagram, you will find that they offer delicate and meaningful pieces that transmit memories and symbolism to people.

The goal behind the collections is to arouse positive emotions in people and create emotional moments through unique Sterling silver jewelry. The brand is proud that its pieces have been created to tell their own unique and individual story. I immediately fell in love with the selection of delicate pendant necklaces designed to be layered and worn together.

Of course, you can also wear these stunning silver necklaces on their own. However, since they have the ability to be short-circuited and lengthened depending on where you close them, they look super nice when folded. I had to buy the Ol & Co sterling silver keychain-which, according to the brand, is a key to opening more doors to your life. As stated on Mococo, “he will guide you on the trails that you have always wanted to explore. The best adventures are often the most unexpected.

The second necklace that I fell in love with is the Ol & Co sterling silver necklace. As stated on the Mococo website, they said again: “We believe that this triangle will make your dreams come true. Never be afraid to dream big and never give up on the goals you have set for yourself, because they will always be at hand.

Another truly inspiring and motivating gem! Perfect for someone who has high hopes and big dreams. As you can see in the photos above and below, I combined the two to create a great little layered look. I wear them with a sassy little black dress that is slightly cut out here, but I mainly wear them with shirts or V-neck tops that give the chains a slightly deep neckline. But in the meantime, I love wearing them for a night out with a pretty dress this holiday season!

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