The Big Burnley Clothes Swap with Boohoo and Burnley

The other day I went to Burnley in what I can only call one of my favorite events of 2018. Honestly, everything related to Fashion and Shopping is totally up my street, but combine it with frugality and saving money, and I love it.

The event was the big Burnley Clothing swap organised by Burnley Social, Boohoo and UCLan’s Victoria Mill campus to bring a fashionable and fun event to Burnley. As Burnley is home to the UCLan University Campus, it is the ideal place to organize an event for young fashionistas looking to exchange their wardrobe!

The Burnley Social Community Project Group invited fashionistas, students, influencers and residents of Burnley to come to the UCLan Campus with their own clothes that they are simply tired of. Afterwards, visitors to the large Burnley clothing exchange were invited to stop and exchange up to five items of clothing from their wardrobe with other style-conscious participants.

I attended the first session, which lasted from 11am-1pm, and honestly, it was the perfect opportunity to update the wardrobe. I was filmed below with other fashion bloggers discussing my thoughts on the event: Burnley-based Boohoo donated hundreds of models to the event to allow swappers to bring something new home and exchange their beloved pieces. I absolutely loved browsing through the samples provided by Boohoo and arming myself with about three naughty pieces from the northern retailer.

I was totally in my element. I mean-what a brilliant event, isn’t it? I have so many clothes in excellent condition in my closets that I’m just not going to put them on anymore. What a fantastic idea for everyone to collect unloved items and exchange them for other people’s items!

There were also makeup artists and hairdressers, a cafe, a DJ and various fun photo options once you’ve done your hair and makeup! I can safely say that I left the event with a Boohoo tote bag full of new clothes! Below you can see my favorite piece-a black jumpsuit from Boohoo. Is that great? I feel like a cat woman in it!

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