The Prettiest Phone Cover for This Year

No case what kind of outfit I wear when I post my Mirror Selfies on Instagram, I tend to have the same question: Oh my God, where did your iPhone come from? It’s super cute. It’s made of marble, it’s white and gray, and it has my initials (I personalized it), and I’ve wanted something like this for so long.

So long I’ve had it for over a year now and it’s starting to pop and doesn’t look as nasty as it used to. Which led me to a new Mission. I went in search of the most beautiful marble phone cover on the Internet …

Looks like it didn’t take me long. I came across an online retailer called Velvet Caviar that captured about 40 minutes of my time this Saturday morning. They have the cutest, most feminine, and most beautiful phone cover for my iPhone that I have ever seen, with a nice selection of new marble things for 2023.

Let’s take a look down for some serious phone cover Inspo! I mean, there are so many on the Internet that offer us a wide range of Mobile Phone Accessories, like Mobile Mob, Ideal of Sweden, and Skinny Dip, that it can be difficult to know where to start…

First of all, this cotton candy marble iPhone is important. This protective cover features a beautiful cotton candy marble pattern with baby sapphire, navy moss green, and pastel pink stripes on a purple base. Purple tones with pastel reflections…

It has a smooth matte finish with a matching purple bumper for extra drop protection. Because let’s face it, if you’re like me, drop your phone at least once a day!

Now this one is one of my favorites that jumped out at me! The Holo moonstone marble material acts as a protective printed marble material composed of a beautiful pastel Sapphire and a pink stone. It is then topped with delicate stone cracks filled with shiny holographic chrome that make it shine!

This material is matt lacquered and combined with a matching Sapphire bumper at the front. I love the shiny metallic gold stripes that come through here… The pastel marble material is new for Velvet Caviar and is by far one of the most dreamy. This protective cover features a nice mix of tie-dye pastels that look like a fresh watercolor palette. Finished in a glossy finish paired with a matching soft Sapphire front bumper for extra fall protection!

Inspired by the colors of a twilight sky, this purple marble phone quickly entered my hit list! This marble protective cover has heat notes of purple, Sapphire, and Orange. It comes in a glossy finish with a matching pastel purple bumper.

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