Tips to Work the Designer Look the Right Way

As a big lover of fashion and style, I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with wearing what you want to wear — including posting designer names outside for everyone to see. If this is your thing, you wear these Logos loud and clear.

However, there is one caveat with this type of label promotion: I think there is nothing worse than wearing too many labels at once. I would say that this is the only fashion faux pas that screams “I don’t know what I’m doing”, and it can be harmful to look quite “inexpensive”.

I’m known for being a street girl, but when I turned 30, I decided to invest more in timeless design pieces. A bit like a reward for me. Anyway, if you’ve been saving on this Vintage Chloe luggage bag for a while and still want to wear it with The tag on the outside, then I’m here to show you how to do it without being too flashy.

Here’s the trick: to wear designer brands and look super stylish, you should always think about “understatement”. Nothing says sophistication and expensive taste like a bit of an understatement. Here are some tips that I have put together that I hope will make fashion sense…

1. Wear only one name and wear it loud and proud.

This is the most traditional way to wear a designer brand without overdoing it: just opt for a single piece that highlights the name. Then limit the other open designer pieces that you wear. For example, opt for a sweatshirt with the brand’s logo and ditch it with cool pieces that are not immediately recognizable as designers. For women, look for brands that are quite bold but very slim, such as Gucci, Kenzo and Emporio Armani. The same goes for men: look for brands like Dsquared clothing, Stone Island, and Valentino.

2. Opt for trendy accessories

Another way to add designer flashes to your Look is to opt for Accessories. It works great, especially for men. You may want to relax with your outfit, but then wear a beanie or a cap with a designer Logo. In my opinion, men can strike caps and caps much better than women all year round, while women only look really good in cold weather. A Dsquared men’s hat can be a key piece idea paired with a muted zip-up hoodie and casual jeans.

3. Partially hide The label

Another more sophisticated tactic: display a label prominently, then partially hide it. This serves a double purpose: to keep the underestimation of your outfit and to keep it secret by letting the viewers guess.

4. Wear an instantly recognizable label in a unique way

Everyone knows a Louis Vuitton Monogram bag when they see it – but if you decide to wear one, try it another way. For example, try not to choose the statement bag that everyone owns and that is easy to spot from a kilometer away–you also run the peril of looking like a mannequin. Try to choose the most unique designs. Limited editions are always recommended if you can get your hands on them!

5. Wear small designer accessories

Instead of wearing a full name or a label, opt for more recognizable but subtle pieces. I like it when I see someone who doesn’t try to hide that she wears both Hermes and Chanel, but her methods aren’t as good on your face as they can tell what I’m digging.

6. Wear an ironic non-label.

Last but not least, The increasingly trendy Option is to completely desert labels and instead bet on an ironic reference to the Designer. I have the tote bag “my Chanel is at home…”seen? This is a great example, and all the very popular and sassy creations of Brian Lichtenberg also fall into this category.

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